I General characteristics
Maize is a simple vegetable crop of people
Everyone is always a vegetarian in their daily life
People prefer to plant in every season, it is easy to grow as well
Easy to sell in the market it is resistant to the temperature that the drops can grow
Good 25-30 degrees Celsius. So to help farmers increase their data
Vegetables will help to increase the rural economy of rural farmers through providing
Experiments and techniques such as how to cultivate, irrigate soils
Self-portrait and simple techniques of extensive knowledge
II Easy to grow mushrooms
1. Soil preparation

Till the soil dry and harvest the weeds
Plow at least 3-4 messages
1, 2 meters wide, depending on the terrain
Between rows of 80 cm between rows 50-60 cm
2. Selection of seasonal cultivation

Choosing a season is very important to cultivate crops
All kinds of crops, no matter what. Due to the seasonal growth
Hot, there are many problems that face, such as pests, bacteria, bacteria, viruses, and so on
Mushrooms. The season is suitable for crops

The dry season from October to November harvested in February
Summer dry season from May to July
3. Seed selection
Species Seed (imported or imported varieties)
Seed with a percentage growth of 85-90%
Breeds are short but have high yields
Resistant to pests, diseases and weather
4. Seeding

Pre-nursery is exposed to 15 minutes of cold weather
Morning at 8pm to 9am if late at 4pm
The seeds should be washed clean
For the seeds slightly warmed by seeds
Spread 1 to 2 nons per day to allow the seeds to sprout well
Note: All crops must wake up, that is to say
It must be slightly soaked.
A. Sewing training

Make yellow leaf or lemon leaf, plastic bag
Take a compost fertilizer, mix three layers of soil and put it into a cup of cucumber.
Then take two or three seeds into the keel
Take the fertile soil on top of the straw and cover it with straw
Water for 3 days, then water once a day
Water the compost to enhance the growth of the crop
10 days later, remove some of the crop, leaving only one stalk, so that it can grow properly
Note: Tomatoes, cucumber, chili peppermint … ..
B. Ground planting

For planters to dig the compost, mix the dried soil with soil so that it can be planted.

Planting between rows and inter-bushes
Next, cover the straw on top that cuts shorts to protect soil moisture
Afterward, watering will be successful
Once a week, water the digestive tract once
Note: Watermelon pumpkin …
Method of protecting the child

All the seeds of the crop can soak the leafy leaves, which are made up of poisonous plants
Use a protective cover when it is grown from insects
Throw the stove ash before planting
5. Easy to grow between 20-60cm tall
Between row 80cm between row 50cm

The width is 1.2 meters wide by the ground conditions
A plant planted in two rows
Long time loops are good
Cut the pit pit, 0.5-1 kg per pile
Range: 50-60 cm
Range of 80 meters
The interval of one to the other is 50 centimeters
III. Easy methods of caring for crops

A. Covering babies: Covering the baby is usually necessary, after we grow, we cover the crops with heat. It is possible to use dry leaves, straws, plastic fabrics.
B. Cleansing grass

Remove weeds from grasses for fertilizing crops
Eliminate the habitat of pests
Soil soil to good soil after planting 7 – 10 days
Drain water for 1 day
Use sneakers to clear the grass
Make a second round when it comes out
C. Irrigation
Mackerel is a type of crop that needs regular watering and watering
Twice a day. But when the moss starts to flower up to the harvest, it needs more water and fertilizer than when planted.
Preparation of stairs or shelves
In general, planting larvae is easy to care for irrigation
And fertilizer:

Easy to maintain
After a week of fruit-bearing mushrooms, remove the pods from the fruit
Come in.
Easy to harvest
IV, composting, pesticides, and natural pesticides
1. Squash fertilizer
A knife, an ax, a wooden pole, a nail, a wire, a material
Fresh green plants include: yellow leaf, peanut butter, peanut butter, etc.
– All kinds of manure including: manure, cow, buffalo, pig, duck
– kitchen waste such as vegetable ash fiery stove gonorrhea and other kitchen debris shed following possibilities available raw materials all over the next tiny objects such as leaves, straw tinder dry, then put on manure and watering a plant floor again, and then put the final kitchen waste Come again later the same industry. Watering once a week
During rainy season, water must be watered 2-3 times a week. If water is not enough, it is not rotten. Stuff once a week, leaving it for 3 to 6 months to use.
The use of compost fertilizers can be applied to the bottom before planting 18 tonnes per hectare. Adjust when the crop grows
2. Compost of water
Water jars, stick jars, stir tools
Raw materials
And so forth

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