Techniques for cultivating cucumber crops


1. General characteristics
Cucumber is a botanical plant that farmers prefer to plant
And to use as a vegetable as food
Eat cumin and chopsticks.
Cucumbers are easy to grow crops, but it is important for the maintenance of crops cucumber. Cucumbers are male flowers and female flowers on the same tree, generally male flowers and female flowers after a hornet winds or falling male flowers to the female flowers, it can also fertilization. Cucumbers contain many nutrients such as energy, irrigation water, protein, fat money Los calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium and B vitamins such as B1, B2, B3 and C, which is good for people to eat nutritious living in families and reduce the economy.


2. Cultivation and Cultivation The cucumber crop is unsustainable and tasteless and drought-prone. Instead, it needs enough water for its growth, and cucumbers need plenty of water during cucumber, flower and fruit. On the other hand, if too much water is rotten, the cucumber or cucumber shoots, the stems do not yield much fruit. The light must be well-suited to grow well and to produce high yields at appropriate temperatures and the environment. For temperatures, the cucumber can grow well between 25-30 degrees Celsius. For land in Cambodia, almost all kinds of soil can grow good cucumber. But the best soil for cucumbers is a lot of soaked soil.


3. Simple techniques for growing cucumber

A. Soil preparation

Plow dry land and gather weeds
Plow at least 3-4 messages
Make the soil easier to raise
Reduce the incidence of pneumonia and bacteria
B. Selection of seasonal cultivation

Selection of the growing season is very important to cultivate all kinds of crops, no matter what crop. Because of summer planting, there are many problems that face, such as bacteria, bacteria, viruses, and fungi. The season is suitable for crops

The dry season from October to November harvested in February
Summer dry season from May to July
C. Seed selection

Species Seed (imported or imported varieties)
Seed with a percentage growth of 85-90%
Breeds are short but have high yields
Resistant to pests, diseases and weather
D. Seeding

ü training before being borne softly 15 minutes (morning or evening U) seeds were washed clean water for floating extraction ü soaked for 15 minutes, mixed with warm water ü fermented fabric 1 -2 night water by filtering out to let in the damp seed germinates well

Sewing training
Banana bags or vials palm bio-compost mix bangki bangki ground, mixed and then placed in vials Benson price of bananas, then took a 2-3 into vials fertile land sprinkled across a thin covering of straw watering watering success for 3 days, then 1 days watering the compost 1 once a week to supplement their children to grow good crops 0 days will take some crops out, leaving only 1 1 so that it is powerful vials

D. Method of protecting the child

The seeds of all crops can soak the leafy leaves of poisonous plants v Use a protective veil to propagate seedlings as they spread the ashes before planting to protect insects from destroying.

E. Easy to grow cucumber

Generally, planting cucumbers are easy maintenance and watering baochasmaw dung: the width of 1 m along the ground conditions along the newly cut hole dung compost pit 0,5-1 kg per cubic spaces, MBA 40 cm row spacing of 60 cm between one and the other is 40 cm


4. Easy ways to take care of crops

A. Covering the cucumber

Generally, cushioning is particularly important in hot weather.
Covering is used in dry straw, dry leaves or plastic fabrics
B. Cleansing grass

Remove weeds from grasses for fertilizing crops
Eliminate the habitat of pests
Soil soil to good soil after planting 7 – 10 days
Suspend water for 1 day when clam soil
Use sneakers to clear the grass
Make a second cucumber when the cucumber is close to flowering
C. Cacti Irrigation is a type of crop that needs regular watering and watering twice a day, but when the cucumber begins to flower up to the harvest, it does not need much water. When heavy rains come, drain the water and do not pour water. D. Plug in his own and leaves can take various bamboo or tree branches to a height of 1 – 1.5 meter taken as his own: his own annotations to be plugged straight fall protection to prevent branches, leaves and fruit falling earth decay due to fungi, bacteria and viruses that spread from the ground. In particular, the citrus fruits are good and not frozen. Bind the ends at the end of the pencil along the sub-column to hold all the words not to fall in the air. Cut branches and cucumber leaves, cut off when the cucumber has a height of 30 cm. Stump the stems and branches of cucumber leaves to stick to the notes. Stimulate this with the growth of cucumber.


5. The use of Cucumber fertilizers requires a lot of fertilizer

Using both types of compost (compost and water)
Before planting, place the bottom overlay using dry composting test of 10-18 tons per square meter using a 2 kg after 7 days growers use compost mix equal mixture of water, 3 weeks after planting fertilizer supplement dry compost 10 tons of space nearby bush land and waters Ch

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