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Sunflower grows

As a plant species, it needs a lot of nitrogen and phosphorus, and potassium does not have to grow, it needs to grow with plants.

When younger needs more than 60%
When you are 2 years old, you need 30%
In the second year, it has enough force to grow
A kind of green evergreen
Planting a stumpy lime has ruined insects, but if there is a pest, then it’s time to reap the benefits (when the oceans are sick, when the lunar calories for us).
Planting the stem, we have to make the stump fast enough to make the ants fast enough to get raw.
White mushrooms also make the stems of the Moon strong because the mushrooms need to eat in the early morning.
There are two types of glaciers: lemongrays and lobsters.
Characteristics of Kidney Monkeys have a long, sharp, curved stem that is longer than the original 7-year-old male stem that can be collected.
The stump of the mollusk has a shimmering leaflet, which is more than twice as long as the kelm kernel, which grows for 7 years.
The nature of this vegetable plant lasts from 10 to 15 years. But now, with the new research on Monday, we can grow up to six years old. Selection of location for planting

The soil must be PH 5.5 to 7
Need nitrogen N at 5 to 8%
Need phosphorus P 5% or more
There is no need for potassium
Top soil for planting
Non flooded areas (if flooding does not exceed 2 days).
The forest land is near the foot of the mountain
Land in plantations between fruit crops (mango, coconut, coconut)
Debris, black soil, chalk and sandy soils are better than slopes
Method of planting stems

There are 4 to 4 squares, four corners, and one and a half squares, and two to one squares, two and a half miles per hectare can grow 1,500 to 1,600 trees.
With 1 kilogram of rice husk, burn 1 kg of pellets, mixed with plant debris (should be taken on the leaves of the tree, it is good because the plant has a lot of nitrogen).
Hypothyroidism breaks the hormone and hormones and nourishes the stems with equal amounts of water.
Mix 1 liter of 500 liters of water (vinegar to a full stop).
Fill the soil with a thickness of 1 cm
Leave for 3 to 5 days for the ESM to work.
Take a young kid to plant in a hole in the ground to cover the pit
Cover the grass or straw on the stove to keep it warm (it needs 50% of the body to grow faster).
Within one week of first-time irrigation water treatment (see Introduction to Using EJM Techniques), set a liter of 1 liter of 500 liters of water (1 liter of fresh water mixed with 2 cm of water).
When the plants were raised from 150 centimeters to 200 cm, they removed the smaller branches, leaving only the stems straight up.

Monday Cat

The black substance is the best oil (1kg expensive).
Red color
The yellowish color is the worst
The Benefits of the Moon for Perfume and Medicine is akin to medicines, treating diseases such as traumatic, acne, shortness of breath, strengthens the body’s system, itchy, dry skin, thinks many of the urine, boils in water, bloating and other diseases.

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