Pregnant women should not drink coffee
Pregnant women abstain from coffee consumption temporarily because caffeine can make Danger to the baby in the area.

Experts have found that caffeine levels are high in coffee (especially espresso coffee). Caffeine was found to be six times more caffeine than coffee.
Dr Crozier, senior researcher at Glasgow University School of Medicine, said coffee was high in caffeine. Coffee with 50 grams of caffeine per cup (cups of 23 milligrams to 70 milliliters).
Because of this high level of caffeine and has made most people unaware that they have gotten much of it. No, it can cause health problems, especially for pregnant women.
Consuming too much coffee can cause a pregnant woman to experience headache, stiff headache, and increased heart rate.
Not only too, getting too much coffee can also cause miscarriage premature birth, underweight children, or Also, other health problems for babies as they grow up, such as diabetes, depression and heart disease. Also.
Although caffeine is usually removed from the body within five hours, but for women The abdomen of pregnant women and those with liver disease takes up to 30 hours to get it out. Outdoor.
According to the same research, women can consume coffee, but not too much. And (no more than 4 cups a day).


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