Poultry swine flu

It is an animal-to-be-infectious disease if you do not use a pesticide vaccine, it is definitely infected.

1. Plague

A deadly disease, the pigs die 100%. This disease is everywhere in our country and spread quickly, especially when buying, transporting pigs, or when a lack of food causes pigs to break.
The symptoms of this disease are spread very quickly. We can see the symptoms on the digestive tract, the respirator on the skin and on the nervous system. Many illnesses occur in serious seasons, where the disease lasts for 2 to 3 days. Then, the temperature was 41 to 42 degrees Celsius, no longer ate much, vomitted the red eyes, and had a lot of eye irritation.
Digestive tract
Pigs constipate constipation in the heat, but later the pigs are severely diarrhea for days, sometimes with fresh blood and stools. In the mouth, the toothbrush and tongue are yellow, yellow or yellow.

The respiratory tract, inflamed nasal congestion around the nasal tract, inflammation. Pigs, difficulty breathing, rhythmic changes, drops, tails, sitting like dogs, sighs, or silky bites, and much.

The neurotransmitter system causes menopausal bleeding under the meningitis, causing the pigs to swell (especially when we touch them). Pig lice in the case of severe illness may have a full-blown wound. Epidemiology can cause pigs to miscarry.

On the skin, there are small red spots, especially between the thighs and in the abdomen, sometimes red, both. Finally, the pig dumped a diarrhea, a dormant place, its tempest, gradually slipped and then died. Over 5 to 15 days of illness, the death rate can be as high as 90%. At times, the severity of the disease can kill pigs only for one day without any obvious symptoms. In some cases, the disease is lighter, and its symptoms are lighter, slimmer, odorless, visually colored, lethargic, lethargic fluid. It can be extended by 1-2 months.

Breathing protection is very important. But one should pay attention to some of the following issues

To maintain proper pigs, proper hygiene practices must be monitored for transport of pigs from one area to another.
Take the 1st dose injection when breastfeeding (one year).
2. Swine Flu

It is caused by the virus Pasteurella Mutocida, a contagious disease and is more common. Pigs that have this disease have dysentery and redness on the skin and are caused by bacteria.


Fever up to 42 ° C does not eat food and bloody bloody membranes
Animals have difficulty breathing and coughs like tuberculosis or chills
Spit on and swollen water swollen throat
The skin is red

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