Natural fertilizers from animal waste

Common methods of using animal waste
The bhikkhus showed a lot of losses
The nutrients that are there
– Animals such as urine, animal manure. Usage of elements
Other animals sleep to reduce the loss of these substances.
1 Practice mode
– Collect dried plants to make small pieces of wood, including: weeds
Straw plants allow animals to sleep on top because they absorb urine and, moreover, add to the compost.
– For the floor we used to sleep about 12 to 13 cm for the animal to sleep on top so that the material absorbed the urine of the animal and the manure washed in the floor and tomorrow we can collect the waste into the compost shop.
– We do this every day until our full compost.
– The floor is also wet by the urine and manure
The pile of fertilizer in half a month or less can be used.
2 for the quantity of animals giving stool
– Animals weighing 150 kg can provide 2.20 tons of stool during 6 months 10 days. The average cow manure per day is 7.5 percent of its weight. Good animal manure management can provide 70 percent nitrogen, 75 percent phosphorus, and 80 percent of potassium in manure.
In urine, it contains 2 parts of nitrogen (2 / 3N) and 4/5 kg of chlorine. Urine plays an important role in causing waste.
Chem Sim Kamchay Mear Document 2006

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