eye clean
Methods of removing sand from the eye
Eye clean
Eye clean
Daily life is often a problem, especially when we do not have to wait for a doctor The doctor is far away, so we need to know some simple methods when we need the emergency. The following is a method of removing sand from the eye. When penetrate the eye causes pain, which can cause scars Or infection. Proper preliminary treatment is essential in reducing the risk of eye injury or infection. When there are strange things in the eye, it can cause a lot of confusion or tear Sand in the eye is by washing the eyes and we need the tools like Pere Water, bottled water or tap water, soap bacteria. And the method we have to use is:
1. Wash your hands with bacteria soap, then rinse the cup with antibacterial soap and wash the water. Make the soap clean.
2. Pour water into glass with glass bottle, but if you do not have bottled water, you can use tap water, but Spray for 1 minute before pouring into the cup (to avoid the use of other substances In incoming water when the water is in the tube).
3. Place the cup on the terrace, then put your eyes in the water.
4. Blink your eyes when you dive it in water to help remove the sand. Typically, it takes 10 to 20 minutes to clear the sand, but you can wash your eyes for 15 minutes.
5. Look for signs of infection within 48 hours after removing sand from your eyes. Every time there are different things Something to the eye, the chance of infection will occur, signs of infection, such as redness , Swelling, and pain.
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