Kantha Bopha are 5 children hospitals in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap ( Jayavarman VII ) founded by Dr. Richner and funded mostly by individuals of Switzerland. The hospitals gives free of charge treatment to 500’000 children per year. Dr. Richner organizes information evenings with a live concert twice a week at the Jayavarman hospital in Siem Reap ( Beatocello ). Dr. Richner came to Cambodia first time during the civil war in 1974 sent by the Swiss Red Cross but had to leave the country when it got too dangerous with the Khmer Rouge. When he came back for a visit in 1991 and saw the conditions he decided to stay, reopened the existing Kantha Bopha I hospital in 1992 and built another 4 hospitals in the meantime where 10 mio children got free treatment eversince with help of donators in Switzerland and Cambodia. He got honored in Cambodia and Switzerland and is one of the most respected people here and in his home country where everyone knows about his work.


  • Founder: Dr. Beat Richner. Swiss pediatrician. cellist (Beatocello).
  • Kantha Bopha hospitals in Cambodia. 5. Kantha Bopha I-IV in Phnom Penh. Jayavarman VII in Siem Reap.
  • Kantha Bopha Foundation: Founded in Zurich Switzerland in 1991
  • Beatocello concerts: Jayavarman VII hospital. Siem Reap. Thursday and Saturday nights during the high season.
  • Staff: 2400 in 5 hospitals. Just 2 western. ( Dr. Denis Laurent / Dr. Beat Richner )
  • Common diseases: Malaria. Dengue fever. Typhoid. TB.
  • Donations: 370 mio usd. 1991-2006.
  • Expense 2006: 17 mio usd.


  • Treatment per year: 500000 children per year. Free of charge.
  • Treatment eversince: 10 mio children.
  • Treatment of 85% of the sick children in Cambodia.


  • Fondation Kantha Bopha
    c/o Intercontrol AG
    Seefeldstr. 17
    CH-8008 Zürich
    Email: info@beat-richner.ch
  • Jayavarman VII Children’s Hospital
    Charles de Gaulle (St.)
    Trapeang Ses Village
    Sangkat Kork Chak
    Siem Reap
    Phone: +855 (0)63 964 803


  • Kantha Bopha I: Phnom Penh
  • Kantha Bopha II: Phnom Penh. Opened October 1996. Land donated by King Norodom Sihanouk
  • Kantha Bopha III: Phonm Penh.
  • Kantha Bopha IV: Phnom Penh. Opened December 2005. Near Wat Phnom. 15mio donations from Switzerland population.
  • Jayavarman VII: Siem Reap. Land donated by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

Dr. Beat Richner

  • 1973: Specialized in pediatric care at the Zurich Children’s Hospital
  • 1974: Work at Kantha Bopha PP. Sent by the Swiss Red Cross.
  • 1975: Return to Switzerland due to Khmer Rouge.
  • 1991: Return to Cambodia.
  • 1992: Creating Kantha Bopha Foundation in march.
  • 1992: Reopening of Kantha Bopha after reconstruction in November.
  • Awards: Swiss of the Year in 2003.
  • Book 1: ISBN 3-85823-570-9. Kantha Bopha. Als Schweizer Arzt in Kambodscha. 1995 ( German. As a swiss doctor in Cambodia ).
  • Book 2: ISBN 3-03823-047-2. Hoffnung für die Kinder von Kantha Bopha. 2004 ( German. Hope for the children of Kantha Bopha ).
  • Book 3: ISBN 3-03823-098-7. Hope for the children of Kantha Bopha: our third hospital, maternity ward, training and conference centre. English translation.
  • Documentary film 1: Bach at the Pagoda (1997).
  • Documentary film 1: The Beat Goes On (1999).
  • Documentary film 1: Depardieu goes for Beatocello (2002).
  • Documentary film 1: Money or Blood (2004).
  • Documentary film 1: Dr Beat and The Passive Genocide of Children (2006).
  • Web: www.beat-richner.ch/
  • Web: www.drbeat.com.au ( Australian support group )
  • Web: www.gachot.ch/gachot_ombrellobeatocello.html ( The film )
  • all the rich man should donate for this hospital.
  • thanks
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