Fish have good fat for young women

Young women can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and stroke by just eating the available fish. High Omega 3 (fatty fish), such as salmon.


Dr Marin Strom, who led the study, said that eating a large amount of fish was not enough. Much may also reduce the risk of these two types of malignancies, so this discovery will do so Let people turn to fish more.
Strom, including her team from Denmark, noted that most of the previous research was important. In men related to the relationship between Omega 3 and heart disease, but this new study is essential for women.
This huge study has been done for 49,000 women in Denmark. The average age of women involved was 30 years at the start of the study.
As a result, women who ate fish decreased the risk of heart disease, stroke or High blood pressure increased by 50 percent compared to women who consumed fish, but consumed too little or did not eat at all.
Overall, we found that fish meat is really useful for all ages of all sexes beyond what research This is detected.

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