Diseases caused by vegetable crops


1 disease in cucumbers and rice crops
The fungal pathogens on the cucumber called “Bouny mildea” began to develop with a stinging bean
Then it begins to kill cells (enzymes). On the underside of the leaves we notice a spherical. It is most common in the rainy and dry season).

2 diseases on watermelon crops
The disease is caused by the fungus, Anthra uore. It usually begins to appear yellow and begins to spread by spores, after which the scars grow, the leaves are bursting on the leaves, especially on ripe fruit (in the rainy and dry season), which is caused by watering, causing the spider to spread.

The disease is most common when harvested by bacteria, it can destroy the crop on the scars of insects. It can occur in the dry and wet season, this can be caused by watering, especially in the rainy season.


Reduce watering
Reduce water spill
Continue to make wounds or wounds due to mechanical insects

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